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Products can be added, temporarily activated or deleted in seconds.



From your menu, select basket options (the circular icon with three horizontal lines).

Select the settings icon that appears at the bottom right of the screen (circular cog icon).

Products tab

You are now in the settings page where you can select the 'Products' tab from the left hand menu. This displays all of your products A-Z. To add a new one, tap the '+' icon at the top right of the screen.

Product Info

Fill in each field as necessary. After you finish each field, get back to the summary screen by tapping the '< Product' at the top of the screen.

Product Description

A description of the product.


Select the category from your existing category list where you would like the product to appear. A tick appears next to your selection.


Activate your product if you want it to appear on your menu.

Set Price

Enter a price inclusive of VAT.


Select a VAT percentage, this won't affect the price.

Tap 'Done' in the top right hand corner to complete the process.


You will receive a success message to let you know the product has been added successfully.

Refresh products

Once you have finished making changes to your product list, select 'Utilities' on the left hand side, 'Refresh Products And Categories' and 'Continue'. This will update your menu and your changes will be visible when you close the settings page.

All done

Your new product is now available to sell.

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