Cloud Reporting

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You can log in do your dashboard on multiple devices and browsers to see up to date information about store performance and download reports.

How to?


At-a-glance information is available in graphic form on the front page. If you have multiple stores this combines them all. To see information for one store, select the store on the 'Stores' tab. You can change the timeline of the graph at the top by selecting a period using the buttons above it.


To get a more detailed view of what's happening you can run many types of report from the 'Tools' tab.


To run a basic report, leave all fields blank and simply select a date range and a report type i.e. 'Product' and hit 'Run' to display on screen or 'Export to CSV' to save to a file.

You can open the CSV report in the 'Numbers' app from an iPad or on Excel on a computer.

Note: An internet connection is required for your transaction data to upload from your iPad till points and appear on the reporting dashboard.

Top Tips:

You can enter product ID's (found in product reports) to run a report for specific products. Likewise with categories. If you do not type in a store ID the report will cover all stores.

You can use different reports, for example a 'product / day' report with pivot tables in Excel to create reports in any format you require. Order the products to eliminate or highlight certain aspects.

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