User Levels


Different users have different permissions when it comes to using the Shopwave app.

Multiple Users

When multiple users are enabled you will see an additional button on the menu screen - the 'Person' icon next to basket options in the top left.

Logged On Users

All users who have logged on will appear on this list and you can switch between them by tapping on them.

Switching Users

You can select whether or not a pin number is required when switching by selecting the option in the 'Application' tab in settings.

Assistant User

Certain actions are blocked if the user is set to assistant rather than manager. For example Refunding, editing the price of a product in the basket or applying a non-loyalty promotion. The settings are also restricted.

User Baskets

When multiple users are enabled, the basket selector changes to enable you to see which user started which basket. All users can view all basket by tapping 'All baskets' in the basket selector screen.

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