Easy to Use

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A new member of staff will likely be able to use the system with little or no training, here are a few examples of basic functionality.


Selling Products

To sell a product, add it to the basket by tapping anywhere on a product tile. The product, quantity and price will show in the basket on the right.

Swipe right

In the basket, swipe the product to the right to +1 to the quantity.

Swipe left

Swipe Left to reduce the quantity by 1.

Remove from basket

Swipe further to the left until the bar turns red to delete that product line regardless of quantity.

Quick tips

Tap and hold a product tile and with your finger in contact with the screen, drag left or right to flip a product tile over to see more information.


To refund a product, add it to the basket and adjust quantity to -1. You must be a manager to do this. Proceed through the checkout with correct change. If you need to see previous baskets, select baskets in the settings page.

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