Beautiful Design

Add stunning high-definition photography to your product tiles, let your customers see your products for themselves.

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Fast Transaction

Get through the queues and check out in as little as 3 taps.

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Easy to Use

A new member of staff will likely be able to use the system with little or no training, here are a few examples of basic functionality.

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Your Products

Products can be added, temporarily activated or deleted in seconds.

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Stock Management

Shopwave features stock management - accessible via your online dashboard.

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Table Management

Table management gives you a graphical layout of your restaurant and allows you to assign baskets to tables.

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Reporting Dashboard

You can log in do your dashboard on multiple devices and browsers to see up to date information about store performance and download reports.

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Promotional Discounts

Sometimes you will want to discount an entire basket rather than an individual product.

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Secure Login

To speed up logging on and prevent users forgetting user I.D's, print off a QR code which can be used with the iPad camera.

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Customer Loyalty

Shopwave features built in and stand alone loyalty card features.

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Set up tabs

Customer Tabs

Shopwave allows you to save baskets, this may be to start a tab or to serve a new customer. You can rapidly recall a previously saved basket.

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Multiple Printers

Shopwave can be configured to print receipts and orders to different printers and locations.

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Price Modification

Price Modification

Product prices can be edited temporarily on the current basket.

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Offline Mode

Shopwave functions with the same speed and efficiency even if you have lost your internet connection.

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