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Shopwave can be configured to print receipts and orders to different printers and locations.

Order Printer

In the Shopwave settings, select 'Printing'. Each task on the page can be set to a connected printer of your choice.

Select any task, for example 'Order Printer'. A list of all connected printers will be displayed.

Select a Printer

Tap on the name of the printer to set that printer for the selected task.

To confirm, tap '< Printing' at the top of the page.


The 'Order Printer' is now set.

Print a Bill

In basket options you can print a bill or order manually.

Automatic Printing

If you would like a receipt or order to print automatically for every checkout, you can enable this in the 'Application' section of settings. With both enabled and each task set to a different printer, a receipt can print in one location while an order is printed on another printer elsewhere.

Note: For ethernet printers, ensure your iPad is connected to the same router as your printer, all cables are plugged in and the power switched on. When you tap on a printing task in the Shopwave settings, the printer will appear with the I.P address as the printer name.

Important tips

For Bluetooth printers, ensure you are connected to the printer in your iPad settings.

Ensure the printer is not connected to any other device, enable pairing mode by holding the pair button at the back of the printer for 10 seconds until the green light flashes.

Whilst it is flashing, tap on the printer name in your iPad bluetooth settings. The status will change from 'Not Connected' to 'Connected'. The Shopwave app will now allow you to select this printer.

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