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Shopwave features built in and stand alone loyalty card features.

You can give out loyalty cards to your customers which they can keep and re-use. They have smart 2D barcodes on them which can be scanned and used in conjunction with Shopwave or services.


For tech savvy customers, these cards can be loaded on to their smartphones using the iPhone or Android apps.

Customers no longer have to remember their loyalty cards as they normally have their phone with them. The card also works with all retailers who use loyalty.

Contact Shopwave to set up your loyalty program. When set, you can operate loyalty within the Shopwave app.


Type the loyalty details you are given in to the loyalty tab in Shopwave settings. Tap Refresh rewards and close settings.

Identify User

Tap 'Identify User' and scan the 2D barcode on the loyalty card or phone screen. You must have an internet connection so the customer can be looked up.

Loyalty Points

The 'Identify User' button has now been replaced by the customer's name and how many loyalty points they have earned. If they have enough points they may be able to redeem one of the loyalty promotions you have set up. Tap 'Redeem' next to the chosen promotion.

Apply Discount

This will apply any discount set for that promotion. When you complete the checkout process as normal, it will also deduct the appropriate number of points from the customer's loyalty account.

By default, a customer will earn one point each time their loyalty card is scanned and a checkout completed. If you prefer to set a price per point you can do this in the Shopwave settings loyalty tab. For example if you would like the customer to earn 1 point per £5 spent, type 500 in to the 'Price per point (pence)' field. Once set, if you scan a loyalty card and complete a £10 transaction, the customer would earn 2 points. Merchant App

If you'd like to keep things simple you can use the standalone merchant app for iPad. Simply scan a card to add a stamp, redeem an offer to take them away. merchant iPad app:

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