Fast Transactions

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Get through the queues and check out in as little as 3 taps.

How To?

Pay using Cash

When you tap checkout, the default is cash so there is no need to select this. Simply enter the tendered amount using the number pad, quick cash buttons for popular notes or the correct change button.

Correct Change, Receipt and Cash Draw

Tap Pay and you're given the change due and the option to print a receipt, open the cash drawer or tap 'Done' to open a new basket and carry on serving more customers.

Quick tips

Switching to a card payment removes the requirement to enter a tendered amount. You can still change the payment amount if required.

Split basket

Tapping 'Split' allows you to select products from the basket to pay for. Customers can pay for their own purchases separately.Tapping a product in the split list will adjust the payment amount to reflect the cost of just that product.

Split transactions

When you are paying off a basket in more than one transaction, change the payment amount to the desired value. If there is still more to pay after a checkout, the basket will remain on screen and state the amount still remaining. Checkout again to pay it off, you can pay by cash and card in the same basket.

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