Table Management

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Table management gives you a graphical layout of your restaurant and allows you to assign baskets to tables.

How to?


To enable table management, head into application settings and tap the switch ‘Enable Table Management’. Navigate back to the main screen and click the basket name. Press and hold to add your first table.

Shape of the table

Choose the shape of the table that you wish to add.


Next, you have the ability to customise:

  1. The table name.
  2. The number of covers.
  3. The width and height of a table.

These allow you to set the floor plan to mimic your own restaurant. If you need to delete a table, hit delete. Whilst on this screen, tables can be moved around to different areas. Make use of the pinch gesture to zoom in and out on your tables.

Assign baskets

Having completed the above steps you can start to add further tables and move them to your desired locations. To assign a basket to a table, click an unassigned (grey) table and it will become the current assigned (dark blue) table.

If you enter another basket and re-enter the table management screen, the current assigned basket will change to an assigned (light blue) basket and you will be able to assign the new basket to another table. When a table is assigned a basket the server name is added, as is the amount of time a customer has been at a table.

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